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What are you looking for?
  • Fully-automated processing
  • Extremely precise tool machines
  • Short response times
  • Special production runs

Metal Working

Tomáš Dorazil, Constructor

“Our development department has a strong team. We all have heads full of ideas that we develop together. In doing so, we combine technical knowledge with great creativity. And this makes work really fun.”

Marie Kuncova, Vorproduktion

“When it comes to metal processing, clients are able to rely on our comprehensive expertise and extremely modern production processes. This enables us to cover a wide range of services and meet specialist product requirements.”

Our services:

  • Processing of all metals (incl. steel and stainless steel alloys)
  • Processing of synthetic materials and other materials suitable for machining
  • Production of functional and mechanical parts
  • Automated pressing (small parts)
  • Automated pressing (Trumpf Punch3000)
  • Automated laser machining
  • Automated lathes and turning machines
  • Automated milling
  • Saw cutting
  • All types of drilling
  • Grinding work
  • Welded constructions
  • Surface refinement on our in-house powder coating line (even for large parts)
  • All types of assembly work

Additional services:

  • Fetch and delivery service by arrangement with company vehicle fleet
  • Own crane system for transporting loads between the corresponding processing locations
  • Full and partial assembly for our customers
  • Aftertreatment of materials (e.g. surface refinement)
  • Stockkeeping of customer‘s articles

Our storage facilities:

  • General cold drawn steel
  • Case-hardened steel, heat-treatable steel and nitriding steel
  • Rustproof steels

Due to the use of highly precise machine tools, we ensure that the highest quality demands are fully met, even with continuous checks during the production process. We guarantee short reaction times from the first request right up to completion of the order, we solve problems quickly and straightforwardly and we even accept special production jobs and fulfil individual wishes of the customer.

Ordering is easy:

  • Submit request with guidelines (sketch or drawing)
  • Offer
  • Order
  • Sample (on request)
  • Production compliant to guidelines and customer’s wishes

Send us your guidelines in one of the following formats:

  • Drawing
  • Sketch
  • PDF file
  • Sample
  • Written specifications
  • Computer drawing 2D, 3D (*.DXF, *.DWG, *.step)